Ben Bowen
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About Me

I am an experienced leader with a strong background in events, administration, training and working with young people.

I have experience of working in a variety of roles across a number of companies & organisations over the last ten years.

In Summary...

I’ve managed staff teams at some of the biggest temporary events in the UK achieving demanding sales targets whilst ensuring safe operation; chaired and been a member of strategic planning groups and management teams; focused on finding solutions to problems and have experience of scheduling and timetabling for over 30 permanent staff members and appropriate allocation of resources; strategic & operational leadership within small companies including business development, analysis of business performance, client relations, finances and administration; recruitment of staff; training course development, delivery and operational management - over 100 courses per year; large scale event management with responsibility for budgets of over £100k and 50+ staff & volunteers; extensive IT & administrative experience.

I pride myself on providing great management; drawing on my experience from business, the workplace and volunteering.

Driven to achieve the best

I am an enthusiastic, dynamic individual who has a wide range of experience and an excellent skill-set to match. Through my paid employment, own businesses and voluntary activities I have gained a very valuable experience base of working with professionals, volunteers and young people. I have good logical thinking skills, am innovative and flexible and a good communicator and team member. However, I also have the ability and skills to lead and manage people in an effective and professional manner.

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My Experience

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My Skills

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I care...

I put my all into projects to ensure that they are always delivered to the highest possible standard.

The latest technology

I love using the latest technology and thinking to ensure efficient working & systems.

I'm a people person

I love working with people - both as part of a team and as an efficient manager and leader.

Working out which way to go

I have extensive experience in managing strategy and deciding which is the right direction to take.

Dynamic & flexible

I have experience and am comfortable in working in a wide range of situations.

Attention to detail

As well as seeing the bigger picture, I always ensure a close attention to detail.

Creating process & improving systems

I have great experience in improving systems and creating effective processes for use by staff.

Having Fun!

Overall, I love to have fun! I believe in enjoying the work I do and having a good time.

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