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Ben Bowen

Ben Bowen is a doer and experienced business & education professional.

Ben has experience of working in a variety of roles across a number of companies. Ben's experience primarily focuses on people management, events and administration. He also has lots of expeirence of working with young people.

Ben has sucessfully launched several companies and business ideas over recent years. He also has over 10 years experience of working with young people of all ages. He is a professionally trained adult trainer and regularly puts these skills to excellent use through his businesses and volunteering. He prides himself on providing great management; drawing on his experience from business, the workplace and volunteering.

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Driven to achieve the best

Ben is an enthusiastic, dynamic individual who has a wide range of experience and an excellent skill-set to match. Through his own businesses, paid employment and voluntary activities he has gained a very valuable experience base of working with professionals, volunteers and young people. He has good logical thinking skills, is flexible and a good communicator and team member. However, he also has the ability and skills to lead and manage people in an effective and professional manner.

Ben is always open to connecting with new people, so why not get in touch?

An organised and solution focused thinker.

Current Projects

Latest projects Ben's been working on

Alive PA

Alive PA

Alive PA offers professional admin and personal assistance services to small businesses throughout the UK. Founded by Ben Bowen, an entrepreneur with two previous startups, and Patrick England, an established corporate administrator, their expertise extends to all aspects of running a business.

Ben and Patrick recognised the challenges that many business owners face. In August 2015, they decided to capitalise on their experience to help entrepreneurs, sole traders and small businesses, and Alive PA was born.

Our mission

We’re committed to making life easier for small businesses owners, providing cost-effective PA support whenever you need it. Our efficient, professional service is designed to make outsourcing simple and stress-free.

At Alive PA, we don’t just provide ad hoc support (although we offer that too!) – we delve into the heart of your business, discover what makes you tick, and use our initiative to become an invaluable part of your team.

Utility Supplies & Business Development

The Utility Warehouse

Save on Bills ...with Ben Bowen!

Ben is an Authorised Distributor for The Utility Warehouse. The Utility Warehouse supply energy and utilities to over 500,000 customers in the UK. Ben is also developing a team of people who want to earn money the same way. Find out more about The Utility Warehouse experience by clicking here.

Past Projects

Previous projects Ben's worked on



Ben was the Engagment Manager at Laudale. Laudale's primary objective is to continually make great appointments; connecting the right people so that individuals and businesses can reach their potential.

Ben's role underpinned this objective by ensuring that we're continually engaging with and supporting high-calibre technology and change professionals at various stages in their careers - not just when they're on the job market - and that we deliver an impeccable experience to the businesses and individuals we work with.

As Engagement Manager Ben had a clear set of deliverables that align to Laudale's 2015 objectives, with a particular focus on 'experience', 'engagement’ and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Ben takes ownership of:

  • continuous improvement of the tools and processes we use to deliver our core services
  • research & development projects
  • client, candidate, consultant & community engagement projects, including Event Management.

Ben's role also involved managing relationships with key 3rd parties including technology partners, consultancies, charities and social enterprises.

Ramillies Hall School

Ramillies Hall School

Ben forms part of the SEN team at Ramillies Hall School. Ramillies is a school that specialises in supporting students with Special Educational Needs, namely Autistic Spectrum Conditions, Dyslexia and other associated learning difficulties.
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Ben Bowen PA

Ben Bowen PA

Ben founded Ben Bowen PA, formerly The Online Personal Assistant Company Ltd in 2011. I provide out sourced administration services to businesses across the UK, no matter what their size - from small 'one-man bands' to large multi-national companies.
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Alive Youth Events

Alive Youth Events

Ben founded Alive Youth Events Ltd in 2013. Alive Youth Events will be running teamwork, leadership & multi-activity days for young people aged between 8 - 16, during school holidays.



Ben regularly designs, manages and delivers award-winning training to adult volunteers in the UK Scout organisation. These sessions are designed with a multi-sensory approach in mind and are delivered to meet specific objectives.
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Social Media training

Social Media Training for Parents

Ben developed and delivered a two-hour training course for parents. The events are for parents who are concerned about social media and how their children are using Facebook and other social media services. This is a two-hour interactive session that will allow you to fully understand social media and feel confident in managing its safe use.

A people person with great management skills.

Ben's Skills & Experience

See how Ben may be able to help you

Ben cares...

Ben puts his all into projects to ensure that they are always delivered to the highest possible standard.

The latest technology

Ben loves using the latest technology and thinking to ensure efficient working & systems.

Ben's a people person

Ben loves working with people - both as part of a team and as an efficient manager and leader.

Working out which way to go

Ben has extensive experience in managing strategy and deciding which is the right direction to take.

Dynamic & flexible

Ben has experience and is comfortable in working in a wide range of situations.

Attention to detail

As well as seeing the bigger picture, Ben always ensures a close attention to detail.

Creating process & improving systems

Ben has great experience in improving systems and creating effective processes for use by staff.

Having Fun!

Overall, Ben loves to have fun! He believes in enjoying the work he does and having a good time.

Ben Bowen

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